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Arta Farabr Sadra Co. as a licensed company in international transportation and forwarding matters on 20/05/2013 under license No ………….. Road and Transportation Authority

International Transportation & Forwarding Company ARTA FARABAR SADRA
International Transportation & Forwarding Company ARTA FARABAR SADRA
```` SADREX ````
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Providing service packages in a categorized format and providing them by professional groups with the highest academic and academic knowledge will ensure us provide from full coverage for services related to transportation and sales contracts.
 CH.ENG Mahmoud Parvin
CH.ENG Mahmoud Parvin
CEO and Chairman of the Board
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 خیابان انقلاب حد فاصل خیابان وصال شیرازی و دانشگاه 

ساختمان فروردین شماره 1182 ، طبقه 6 واحد 25 



Unit 25  ,6th Floor
Farvardin Building No. 1182 ,   Enghelab  Street between the streets of Wesal, , Shirazi and University,Tehran IRAN

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(0920ARTAFAR =   (09202782327

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